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At this stage in the development of mobile devices (especially smartphones), one of the main issues is: Should I go with a Responsive website, a Mobile website or an App?

  • A Responsive website is a website designed to change the display of it's pages depending on the device that is accessing it, in order to present the data in the optimum way for the device's screen size.
  • A Mobile website is specifically designed only for smaller handheld displays and touchscreen interfaces. It is accessed directly from the internet via a browser just like any other website.
  • An App, however, is a device specific application, which, after download, is installed on your mobile device from a device specific portal such as Apple's App Store, Android Market, or Blackberry App World. It may access internet data, like a standard website, or it may be designed to run entirely offline (i.e. Without an internet connection).

An App is naturally the first and best choice for a specialised purpose that may not always be effectively accomplished by utilising a web browser, such as an interactive video game.

However, if you wish to present information to the widest possible audience in a mobile friendly format, a Responsive or Mobile website is potentially the best option.

Current trends favour the Responsive website as the best option, however this has elements of a 'one size fits all' solution, be aware that there are good and extremely poor responsive websites; also there are occasions when this may NOT be the best approach, and a standard website for Laptops etc., plus a separate Mobile website for Smartphones and Tablets should be considered.

Responsive and Mobile websites have many inherent advantages compared with an App:

  • Responsive and Mobile websites are device compatible, only one version is required, unlike an App where there has to be a different version for each for type of device.
  • They are instantly available to all mobile devices without requiring third party intervention, whereas an App must be loaded with approval into an appropriate App store, and then requires the customer to download and install the App for each different device before it can be used.
  • The Responsive or Mobile site is easily updateable, website design modification, content updates (e.g. product), and changes can be made at any time, and are then evident to your customers, App updates require customers to be notified and downloaded onto each type of device.
  • From the above, you can understand that a Responsive or Mobile website has broad reach to all types of devices and customers; it can easily be found by search engines, and can be shared by customers (email link, Facebook, Twitter etc.).
  • Responsive and Mobile websites are considerably less expensive to develop and maintain than Apps, and therefore represent a much greater return on your investment.
  • One last point (although we could go on!), Responsive and Mobile websites, unlike Apps, cannot be deleted by your customers, they are always there for all to view!

Technological advances in mobile screen resolution and browsers, and high speed networks (WiFi, 3G and 4G) have led to a huge increase in using mobile phones to browse and shop on the web.

Therefore a website fully optimised for mobile devices is now virtually essential in the constant marketing battle to invite your customers to do business with you and not your competitors, at any place or time of the day!

Our websites are fully optimised for Mobile handheld devices (Smartphones and Tablets) with touch screen technology, and slower internet connectivity.

Mobile optimisation includes:

  • Flexible (Responsive) website design to enable the site to scale to differing device widths.
  • Changing page layouts to optimise data presentation depending on screen size.
  • Changing images and image sizes dependent on page layout.
  • Changing buttons to ensure usability by big thumbs (!)

Mobile specific features include:

Click to Call and Email buttons, and Bookmarking to add an Icon to the mobile Home screen.

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